Forget Motivation, You Need Discipline!

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

I am that one person who needs motivation every now and then, to pump myself to accomplish my set of goals. That explains why I have this blog – to level-up to my commitments and inspire others through my progress, of becoming better.

In high-school, I would carry several inspirational books with me on the opening day (because it was boarding school), just to keep my spirits high. And on several occasions, I stood to give motivational speeches.

To date, my shelf of books are mostly on motivation and personal development.

Motivation has been my “straw” at drowning times. I held up when everything else fell apart.

It was my binoculars to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

At my break-points, motivation gave the inner strength to stand-up, pat my back and walk shoulders high.

But then,

Have you ever woken up feeling extremely unmotivated? Yeah, you are not alone. The days I woke up feeling unmotivated, rarely would anything be accomplished, unless there was choice.

Assignments, important meetings, personal goals…everything will be put at bay, simply because “I don’t feel like it today”. The worst part is when that motivation disappears for up-to a week or more and you keep waiting for it’s return, procrastinating everything.

I was trapped in the endless cycle of doing things only when I am motivated. 

It was quite devastating.

I badly wanted a solution, something that would untie me from depending on this emotional state that was necessary for me to get things done – motivation.

I wanted excellence, success, growth – to be the best version of me. Motivation didn’t give me that.

Till I came across the #1 New York Times bestselling book – Discipline Equals Freedom. A book written by Jocko Willink, the coauthor of Extreme Ownership (A leadership oriented book which has become a required reading for most successful organizations). You can watch his amazing commencement address at University of Texas.

Willink says, “Without discipline, there will be no real progress.”

Since then, I am an advocate for discipline!

You need discipline to keep going

Motivation is good, but it only gets you started.

Discipline, on the other hand, separates you from your inner feeling and puts you in a position to get things done without necessarily “feeling like it”.

It is what cuts that link between your actions and your feelings. Bring in your feelings after you have completed what you ought to do, before that, get up and grind!

In real life, you will find yourself required to do things you will rarely be motivated to do. So, be real, you won’t be pumped everyday to go through spreadsheets balancing accounts, monitoring systems or attending endless meetings.

It is catastrophic for your personal goals or even for your employer, if you can only work when you feel motivated.

So how do we cultivate discipline?

“People ask me all the time, ‘How do you get up so early?’ or ‘How can I wake up earlier in the morning?’” says Jocko. “And I say, ‘Okay. Here’s what you’ve got to do. Set your alarm clock. When it goes off in the morning, get out of bed and go do your stuff.’ That’s what I do. I don’t have some mystical ritual that I go through that prepares me mentally for the morning rise! No. When the freaking alarm clock goes off, I get up and get out of bed and start doing what I’m supposed to do. That’s the difference.” – Jocko Willink

Discipline is a learned skill, just like any other.

It is up-to you to take that stand and cultivate self-discipline in your daily activities.

The motivational books I read, gave me the power to make personal development plans like waking up early, getting fit, eating healthy, reading etc. but after few weeks of starting my new goals, I found myself not going after them as aggressively as I needed to, for lack of motivation.

I learned the hard truth; “You have do a lot more than motivate yourself to success.”

You can never trust motivation! Stop betting on it, and I you will see tremendous results in transforming from “motivation-oriented” to “discipline oriented”.

My Final Take?

Start committing to your plans, your work…show up, wake up, even when it feels like walking on thorns. But remember, take baby steps. Great things come with patience and slow progress. Take your time and remember, obstacles will come your way, that is where the real battle begins.

It will be difficult, that I promise you, because you have to train your conscious mind to overcome your emotions. That ain’t a bed of roses.

But if you want to become better, as bad as you want to breathe, then you have to, you have to instill discipline, there is no shorter path.

But, you will appreciate the results, and you will love who you become.

Ditch motivation (just use it to pump yourself, not your everyday need to get things done).

Get up and Grind! Be disciplined!

Until next time, Chao!

How To Increase Your Value at Work

Whether you are starting out or an experienced employee, it is important that you continue to strive for excellence in your work.

Being valuable to your organization will not only set-up a ladder for your career but also ensure your job security. For a CEO, an employee who does not add value to their organization loses them money and that means they can no longer afford to have you. You are an asset, but only if you drive more revenue into their business.

That is the hard truth of how organizations view you.

You therefore have no choice, work better i.e. give value, or walk out.

As I was preparing myself to join the workforce, I had conversations with people I look up to and did research on how I can immediately increase my value at work and here is what I summarized:

1. Meet Expectations

This is the number 1 item you should be working on before you start looking for greener pastures – meet the basic expectations.

Find out your job-scope, even though sometimes it is not very clear. Talk to your manager and have a lengthy conversation on that.

And then, grind! There is no shortcut to greatness, just GRIT!

2. Find Areas You can Excel and Excel

This is you now “going above and beyond”, after you have met your expectations.

You know some projects you could chip in and add tremendous value? Find ways to get to that project and showcase your skills.

3. Develop a Problem Solving Mindset

When faced with a problem, your ability to problem-solve and say “there is a way” will distinguish you from everyone else.

You cannot sit at your desk focused on a work problem that you haven’t been able to solve for a week now and thinking to yourself how hard your life is, and be able to solve it creatively.

Whining and complaining, and looking how that job is sucking life out of you, will not get you anywhere.

But keeping an open mind will. Shift your mind to thinking creatively and optimal.

I love how Buckley puts it in his blog post Developing a Problem Solving Mindset.

4. Stay Collected when Pressure Builds

Remember that question during the interview? “How do you handle pressure?” and you went ahead saying “I actually work better under pressure and enjoy challenging environments?”, oh yeah, it is time to prove that.

Pressure will reveal if you are ready for advancement and ready to commit your every nerve to deliver results.

5. Get Involved

Take lead and show that you are ready for growth. After work events? Yeah show up even if you prefer the comfort of your home.

It might be very daunting if you are an introvert, but pull away from that comfort zone, there is no growth.

Volunteer to do tasks, don’t just sit at the back seat watching others lead.

The list of things you could do to increase your value at work is long. Find out more by observing people you admire at your line of work.

What are the things you do at work that gives you that “5 Star Employee”? Share in the comments below.

Until next time, Chao!

This Too Shall Pass

The day you will engrave “This too shall pass” in your mind and in your heart, you have succeeded.

“This too shall pass” is a mantra for you to understand that everything in this life is temporary. Your wealth, your health, your status, your relationships…you name it; all is bound to change.

For everything there is a season. A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to tear down and a time to build up.

Everyone goes through seasons. You are not alone.

Storms Will Come…

When your storm comes, it might feel like you will never get out of it. You will feel like the world has turned against you because nothing is going your way.

Your endless thoughts of why things are not going your way will shroud you with sadness and depression.

You might be lost trying to find your purpose and career life, but you can’t seem to find some direction.

Or you have found it but it has been difficult to accomplish it. You flunked those exams and screwed the interviews.

Perhaps your finances are savage.

Or you have lost a loved one and your heart aches beyond words.

Your life might be upside down – that is your storm.

Whatever your storm is, just remember…

This Too Shall Pass

Embrace your seasons and especially the stormy seasons because that is where most of us breakdown.

We are usually broken because we deny the hard-truth that life is ever-changing. Our hearts get attached to the way things are and it does not expect any changes. But eventually, change comes, storms come and we succumb into depression.

Why do you let your entire being into depression and endless sorrow?

Depression lies, it robs you of your happiness and that little hope to say “this too shall pass”.

Do not give up on yourself because for the many things that are happening around you are out of your control. Life just threw those things on your plate and you are forced to swallow. You have no choice, in as much as you did not want it that way, you have no choice my dear friend but to accept it and pat your chest saying “this too shall pass”.

Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary storm.. No matter how raging the billows are today, remind yourself: “This too shall pass!” – T. D. Jakes

You will wear out your heart by running away from that reality. You will wear out your brain if you try to find answers for everything in your life. It is okay that you do not know, you need not figure everything out.

No hardship or misery is here to last forever. 

When your time to cry comes, cry but remind yourself that it is but temporary because that is the truth, it is temporary.

Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say “I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.” Then repeat to yourself the most comforting of all words , “This too shall pass.” – Ann Landers

Until next time, Chao.

Walk Your Talk

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Do you live what you say or believe in? Do you believe in a healthy lifestyle but eat junk and miss working out all the time? Or you know being productive is best for your growth but only work the night before the deadline? Do you have goals and things you really aspire to achieve but the lazy bone in you is stronger than your will?

Do you really walk your talk? 

Why is there a gap between what you say or value and what you do?

I have had this gap more often than not. It has been difficult for me to walk my talk since my high school days. On Sundays, I would plan a very good timetable for the upcoming week. I would be very excited on Monday morning, full of energy and ready to execute. And then…it remains history.

I knew this was a weakness because there were many things I failed to achieve just because I couldn’t walk my talk. I have tirelessly worked on closing this gap. I haven’t managed closing it, but I have reduced it imminently.

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Focus on Progress

I mostly failed to walk my talk because I focused on achieving it 100% – total perfectionist! It felt as if, if I can’t do it fully, then I shouldn’t even go for it. So I give up even before I begin!

I did not see the beauty of doing it better than yesterday. Of being better than I was yesterday.

I focused on the destination, instead of the path.

It is sad that most of us feel the same.

Change your perspective. We’re imperfect and that is what makes us human and unique. This doesn’t mean we don’t set high goals and aim for the sky, but that we focus on progress and not perfection.

That we strive for growth, improvement, learning.

That we become better than who we are.

Gradually Forego Your Inconsistencies

The best way to walk your talk is to work on letting go of your inconsistencies.

You value healthy lifestyle? Start practicing eating, sleeping, drinking and living a healthy one! Commit yourself 100% in achieving what you value.

If you care for someone, rather than explaining how you care, show them instead.

You value meaningful relationships? Connect with people on a personal level and be genuine with them.

You can say you love someone – but unless you demonstrate that love through your actions, your words become meaningless. ~ Stephen M. R. Covey, The Speed of Trust

Make sure you walk your talk most of the time, at least.

You will inevitably fail to meet your talk most of the times, but you have to have passion and perseverance for your talks.

Let the way you live your life say who you are and not what you say you are.

Until next time, Chao!

Work in Your Time Zone

Are you experiencing a super-paced life in this world full of expectations?

This post is for you.

Lately, I have experienced setbacks on my goals, failed test interviews let alone unforeseen rejection from companies. It has just been few months since I graduated and yet it feels like am losing track of time. There is this “rush feeling” inside of me.

You might be feeling that rush too.

You want to get that unparalleled experience, grow your career very fast, go for higher education, start a family, own a house, drive that latest C-class benz…

As I lay on my bed few days ago, I thought “what’s all this rush for? what exactly am I chasing?”. I remembered my post on Baby Steps I wrote months ago while I was starting this blog.  Reading through was reassuring but it was too brief and focused more on achieving goals.

I needed more inspiration on taking those baby steps.

I thought why not write another one. This one.

The Worlds’ Clock

The world has automatically lured us into it’s own clock.

We must attend school and graduate.

Get jobs at top reputable companies.

Own lands, build houses, drive cars…

Get married.

It is like manual that you can’t miss a step. That’s why you feel the pressure to perform, the pressure to not miss those steps. Because, “what will my family, my friends and the society say of me?”.

We feel the pressure because we keep working with the clock the world has set for us. How can 7.6 Billion people run on the same lane?

We will suffocate.

There is no single clock for everyone

Some graduated at 21 and are still searching for jobs at 30. Others graduated at 25 and got jobs without a sweat.

Some work at international companies but have the saddest life. Others started at humble backgrounds but are contented and happy.

Some own properties and drive luxurious cars, but are lonely deep within. Others walk to work holding hands with their loved ones.

Some married early but waited long to get children. Others married late but were blessed with children immediately.

Julissa says,

“I know people who are in relationships but love someone else. I know people who love each other but aren’t together”.

Work according to your clock

Obama retired at 55, Trump started at 70!

So, Relax!

You are you. Different from everyone else.

You have your own clock, your own timezone.

Don’t feel you have to run by the world’s clock.

Your mates might have gone ahead of you. Do not envy them, they are working in their time zone.

Others might be behind you. Do not despise them, they are working in their time zone.

Everyone is exactly where they are! Including you!

Be aware of who you are, what you are capable of, your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The rest is about time, wait for that.

You’re okay where you are. You might not appreciate your small efforts right now but someday you will.

Your time is coming. Stay focused and stay true to yourself. You are not late, you are on time.

Until next time, Chao!

Believe in Yourself

I never knew there is power deep within ourselves. I often saw people doing great things and I believed they were just great naturally.

I read many amazing stories of great people like Muhammad Ali, Tony Robbins, Nick Vujicic…. But it all ended up there. It somehow always felt so fictional albeit very motivating. I just couldn’t understand what is inside these great humans that I didn’t have.

What did they have that they shook the world with their unrivaled footsteps?

The turning point of my life

After I joined high school, I never had a clear vision to be successful. I was just another teenage girl who joined school and that’s it. I pretty much understood that I can just study a little and “pass”, which was quite enough. So in my first term I just played around with my friends, having lots of fun in boarding school and being a “mono” – a form one student.

At the closing ceremony of the end of the term, they called out the top 10 students awarding them with stationery and other good stuff. I was just seated somewhere in the crowd clapping not understanding how they were the best students “were they studying like seriously or just some naturally bright students?”. It somehow stuck in my heart but I kind of neglected it excited I am finally going home. 100+ students had A’s, I was nowhere there.

We always had exams on the first week of a new term, just to make as read during the holidays and report to school on time. On the opening I reported to school late because I waited for my friend, we just somehow didn’t care much about the repercussions of missing exams and we braved ourselves “they are just gonna make us re-sit for those exams”. Unfortunately, that never happened, so we had just sat for few papers. Results? With those 0 in some subjects, you don’t want to know!

To avoid being retained in school for bad grades during holidays, I resolved to study harder. I doubted that I could make it. But I had to do something, “I can’t stay for extra tuition when everyone else go home!”, I told myself. After lots of hard work and persistence, I passed just enough to not be retained for tuition. It was unbelievable for me, did I just do that? Does it mean I have the capability to do better? It then dawned on me, “we choose what we want to be in life”. That was the U-turn of my academic life and I can vow, that every other aspect of my life changed.

I now understood what the likes of Muhammad Ali had. Without a doubt, they had immense belief in themselves!

It wasn’t that I could not have better grades, it was that I never believed I could have them.

I chose to shut down all the voices within me that always said; “they are naturally brilliant, you ain’t that just chill”.

Vincent van Gogh said;

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

I silenced that voice. I nurtured my mind with thoughts of greatness. I started believing in myself and in the power within me.

I never listened to what other people said. It didn’t matter. I knew what I am and what I am capable of doing on my own.

It ain’t just about academics…

You might be thinking, is professional academics all that there is in life? No its not. We are all gifted in our own ways. For me, it was books that made me understand the power within myself. That I have the capability to be who I want. I can study hard and be that doctor, that architect, business-lady…it’s all up to me. The key to what I want to be is in my hands.

Whatever your line of profession is, the bottom line is, do you believe you are in control of who you become in the next 10 years?

The biggest difference I’ve noticed between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t intelligence or opportunity or resources. It’s the belief that they can make their goals happen.

You get to choose which road you will take.

Choose the road that will unleash your potential.

Believe in You

Self-doubts won’t disappear into thin air just like that. You just have to get better at dealing with it. James wrote this beautiful article; What I do when I feel like my work isn’t good enough.

Every time you want to try new things, doubts will creep in. But do not follow your doubtful thoughts.

There is no one who can pump you better than yourself. You know you better.

When it gets tough, recall your successes. Find your way back to your inner you and know you have the power to achieve what you want in life.

Until next time, Chao!

Nurture Your Mind With Great Thoughts

I have not known anything powerful as a man’s thoughts.

They make or destroy you.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: your mind defines you.

Isn’t it fascinating that you can change your worldview with your mind?

Negative Thinking

We all from time to time sulk into negative thoughts.

We fall into the circus of our own thoughts and see everything as a mess!

“I wanted to go swimming but it’s raining. Arrrgh! Nothing ever goes my way!”

“She didn’t pass by to say hello, she doesn’t like me!”

“I studied but I don’t think I will pass that exam.”

“I don’t think I will nail that interview, I really have no skills needed.”

Alas! You often are drowning in this ocean of your own negative thoughts.

“You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts.” ~Philip Arnold

How do I stop negative thoughts?

Getting negative thoughts off your brain is easier said than done.

It begins with you realizing that your thoughts are negative.

And that they are not helping you in anyway. They are rather a disease to your heart.

Separate your thoughts from facts. If it is raining, and you cannot go swimming, do not attach that to yourself. It totally has nothing to do with you.

Louise Hay says;

“I monitor my self-talk, making sure it is supportive and uplifting for myself and others.” ~ Louise Hay

Accept that life is challenging and that there is no smooth road. Face life head on and learn to accept how things turn out.  You always plan but God’s plan prevails.

If it didn’t work out this time, do not think “I am never lucky”. Instead think “I will do better next time”.

Healthy Thinking

We can’t think positively every time. Bad things happen to us.

We get fired.

We lose a loved one.

We fail terribly at things we thought we are good at.

And sometimes, sometimes, we just feel we suck at everything.

Really, we just can’t be purely positive people.

But we can switch our thoughts into a healthy one. Where when things happen to us, the good, the bad, the neutral – we look at the entire situation with clear glasses and not rose-colored glasses.

It means we approach life in a balanced way.

Developing healthy thinking will help you in many ways than you may realize. You will experience growth you have never imagined. You will also boost your confidence and feel your chest light-weight, ready to take on new challenges and improve yourself.

You’ll be happy. Because you have no thoughts to pull you down.

Benjamin Israeli said;

Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.

Do NOT entertain negative thoughts or doubts in your head. You don’t have that space for negativity.

You can only go as far as your thoughts.

Think highly of yourself. Change your world by harnessing the power of healthy thinking.

Until next time, Chao!


Fan Your Sparks Into Flames

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

We all have dreams, but not all of us dream enough to achieve them.

In fact, we have lost hope in them and we are just living for the sake of living. “Yeah whatever life brings.” So long as we eat and have a roof on our heads, that’s good enough.

Indeed, it is hard. 🙁

With all the challenges that we face in our day to day life, can we even speak about our dreams?

Let’s kindle anew in our mind and hearts the sparks of our dreams.


Henry Ford didn’t wait for an opportunity to favor him, despite being poor and uneducated. To date there are more wheels under his name than any man who ever lived.

Thomas Edison lived his dream of a lamp after more than 10,000 failures.

Ray Kroc turned McDonald’s into the most successful food outlet in the world making him one of the richest men of his time. He was only a salesman of milkshakes.

The Wright brothers dreamed of a machine that would fly. Today, there exists a fleet of such.

Well, these people were great and brought great inventions. But, we really don’t like being compared to “great people”. It intimidates us. But it’s okay. They had bigger dreams….

What do you dream of?

Is there someone you know who lived their dreams?

Don’t you wish to live the life of your dreams everyday? Even if it is only your family or friends who will know about it?

Dreams Don’t Matter…

It isn’t about the idea…big or small. You don’t have to be Thomas Edison. You don’t need to revolutionize the world with a “wow” dream.

Brilliant dreams are good but it isn’t what matters. It is good if you have it, at least it shows you are still alive inside of you. But what is the importance of a dream that just remains to be a dream?

How to live your dreams is what matters.

If your dreams just sit back in your mind, that is where they will forever live.

Execution matters…

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. – Jesse Owens

You’ve got to live your dreams. No matter how small they are. It maybe small to the world but they maybe everything to you.

To live your dreams, you’ve got to consider many things because it ain’t a smooth road to go after your dreams. But remember, you need not figure everything out.

It is overwhelming to think of all things at once. To look around us and see people going for their dreams effortlessly, while here we are stuck not knowing what direction to take; and what was my dream again?

We mostly are at crossroads.

So, let’s take some baby steps.

Find Your Calling. Search within you and find your sparks. Along the way your dreams may change. You will want different things at different times because you keep evolving. Understand that that is okay. All you need to focus on, is how to achieve those dreams, of course, with calculated risks.

Get rid of anything that is a barrier to you achieving your goals. Give up your bad habits.

Commit to working on yourself. Someone somewhere alongside their day to day work, takes time to read more, to have a healthy lifestyle, to sharpen their skills. Someone has committed to having healthy and meaningful relationships. Someone is set to go back to school and advance their knowledge. Let that someone be you.

You’ve found your dream. You’ve given up your bad habits and are now committed to improving yourself. Now build a plan to achieve them. How are your daily activities helping you achieve that dream? We all ignore this part, thinking that it is a waste of time. Successful people ask, “What’s the one thing I can do today that will get me closer to my goal?”

Highly successful people don’t wait and hope for desired results. Success is never accidental for them. It’s the direct result of preparing, planning, and aligning their time with their most important goals.

Dream achievers have a clear vision of what they want and a strategic plan to carry out their mission.


It’s on you to flame yours sparks into flames, to flame your dreams into reality.

Light your little world.

Until next time, Chao!

You Need Not Figure Everything Out

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

I miss being that kid who cared less about what is happening in the world. Being that super energetic human being who only cared about being happy. Where we all had big dreams and ambitions just by seeing what others have become.

I wanted to badly be a neurosurgeon after reading “Think Big” and all the series of Ben Carson. So, I kept telling my mum how I am going to operate people’s brains and help them with their illnesses. I didn’t even know what it takes to be one, but it didn’t really matter at that point in time. All I knew was, I am going to be a neurosurgeon. Period!

My friends had big dreams too. I am 99.99% sure, you had them too.

And here we are today, wishing it was as easy today as it was before. We’ve all grown up in different worlds under different circumstances and now with responsibilities on our shoulders. We’ve all forgotten how to just sit and be happy and with life moving at ninety miles per hour, we are forced to move with twice that speed for us to survive.

It is no longer a matter of pen and paper, it is as real as it gets. A point in time where you feel you are walking on a rope, one mistake and you are done for.

Living with the unknown…

For many of us, living without knowing what is in for us for the future, is dreadful. You are anxious, imbalanced and on your feet all the time.

You are afraid you will miss out on what you are meant to do. Deep down you know you want to do great things, but what exactly? You keep searching for your path, which at present seems very vague and blurry.

You don’t know what to do. Perhaps, you know a little of everything good you want. A well paying job. Great physique, healthy life, great social life (you’ve imagined going for that awesome holiday with friends because you are financially free), loving family, spiritually stable…

But, you don’t know where to start from. Everything is everywhere.

On top of it all, you just want answers. And you want them right now!

Hold on my friend!

Why are you trying to figure everything out?

You want to know what steps will lead to your success, happiness and whatever else you desire? You want guarantee that whatever tree you plant today will bear sweet fruits tomorrow?

Sorry friend, there is no guarantee in this life.

Your constant need to “figure out everything” only gives you more pain and suffering. Your mind and heart is not capable of understanding everything and having all the answers.  You will end up frustrated and exhausted.

So What Now?

Dance in the fog my friend! There is a circle of clarity within the fog, dance where you can see. As you keep moving forward, your circle of clarity goes with you. You will see more, when you get there.

They say “trust the process”. You need to take that to heart, deeply.

You can’t plan out your whole life.

It’s not to say we stop to think about our life. It is important to have direction, to have dreams and ambitions. It is important to have that drive, that grit and passion that keeps your fire burning. But it is not important to have all the answers in our palms. True well being does not depend on know-it-all.

Your “figured out” world could fall apart and your dreams could crash. You can fail at your well-laid out plan you thought would be your road to success or happiness. You could be completely wrong about everything you have “figured out”.

So stop trying to fit the puzzle. Just live your life. Letting go, as uncomfortable as it is, inevitably allows you to experience life without guilt, stress or pain.

“Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.” – Eileen Caddy

Keep in mind, you can’t figure it all out, because such is life, a puzzle. So, learn to let go and swim with the currents.

Self-reflection: Can you trust that your life circumstances, even though you can’t always explain them, are here for your awakening?

Until next time, Chao!


7 Things I’m Giving Up For A Greater 2018

We’ve all had different experiences for the last one year or so. For some it has been great, they have ticked off many achievements, and for some, it has been a downfall. I personally have been in between. I have achieved great things, but on the flip side, there are many things I personally noted to have been my drawbacks for the last one year.

I am a great believer of “there is no challenge greater than challenging to improve yourself”, so I gave a deep thought to the habits I desperately want to get rid off for a “better me”.

And here are 7 things I am working on giving up this year;

1. Making Excuses

Sure, I make a whole lot of excuses and have not done a dozen of things thanks to my laziness. Excuse are a justification for inaction and laziness. But, for a greater and better life, we must start doing what needs to be done, whether we feel like it or not.

For whatever goals in pipeline this year, no more excuses!

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Hooooooly! This one is every year’s goal, however I keep hearing “more fries” instead of “more exercise”. More fries, packing on pounds, more sleep, more laziness. I can’t say it any better, I know you feel me! For the last one year, I have been skipping lunch so I can have an early dinner and call it a day. I have since been a victim of gastric, constipation, fatigue and all sorts of body weakness, including mental tiredness.

Alas! It is time to plan for what and when to eat. It is also a year to kick-start consistent exercise for a healthy body and mind.

That is just half of it, the other half of unhealthy lifestyle is too much screen-time. It is time to replace screen-time with this things.

3. Wasting Time

No excessive series and dramas. They are the same old story.

No excessive sleep, Too Young To Sleep.

We all get 24 hours, but some people are far ahead of us because they spend every second they have in a meaningful way. We should spend our time on things that directly improve our personal lives. Everything else is a potential time waster.

Most importantly, to utilize our time doing things at the top of our priority list. Stephen Covey says, First Things First.

4. Believing I’d be happier if I get this or that

The last 12 months have been full of anxiety for me because I keep postponing relaxation and enjoyment until I am done with or I get something I have planned for. Before that, I am too focused on accomplishing what I have set that I jeopardize my own happiness.

I forget that such is life, we will always be chasing one thing after the other.

Let’s live in the moment and live a fulfilling life while working on our life goals.

5. The Need to Control Everything

The greatest control, is in letting go the need if it.

I’ve noticed I use a lot of energy and time planning and predicting things I shouldn’t be. I think of when I should do laundry, trying to perfectly time the time when there will be no people at the laundry bay. And how it will be so unfortunate if I find a long queue. And if I find a long queue, what is plan B? I mean, I spend my very limited time planning for every possible thing!

I calculate everything so that it will work in my favor. When I say everything, I mean every-thing.

We tend to control everything because we think of what will happen if we don’t. So what if it doesn’t happen the way we want?

It is time to let go the need to control every little thing. Things go much smoothly when you let go the need to control them.

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” ~Steve Maraboli

6. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

The grass is always greener on the other side, they said. But the grass on our side is green too right? So why the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that we’re missing out – that our peers are doing, in the know about, or in possession of more or something better than us?

We sometimes experience where we wish we were somewhere else, with certain people, doing different things; that’s okay! But these feelings shouldn’t make us feel we are missing out on something. We are at the right place, with the right people and at the right time. If you were to be somewhere else, trust me you would have already been.

7. Being Too Hard on Myself

I have been incredibly hard on myself for the last few months. It would have been enough if it just ended with school, but I am still too hard on myself.

I seldom allow myself to just “wine and dine”. But even when I do, somewhere in my head there is that thought “you should be applying for that and this, you should prepare for that interview…”.

It isn’t bad to remind yourself of your goals and keep your feet on the ground, but we need to take time off and appreciate what we have accomplished, instead of focusing on what we haven’t accomplished yet.

It is time to ace the self-loving thing. Don’t starve your soul from play and relaxation.

So, have you any habits you wish to give up?

Do not hesitate to meditate on the things that are dragging you from your path to greatness. Do not ignore the toxic habits because you are afraid of change. Change is scary, because we are too comfortable in our cocoon. We need to get out and evolve.

Wean yourself off those habits! You will thank yourself later.

Until next time, Chao!

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